One of the guiding principles in my life has been to only take advice from those who have solved problems and personally experienced success. So many times we take financial and business advice from those who have not actually lived what they are professing. They “heard” through other sources that you should do this or that. However, they have never actually done or followed the advise themselves. There is a big difference between recognizing something and truly understanding it. One of my business mentors always says “If you listen to them, you will live like them”.

Case in point…many people profess to know about Search Engine Optimization based on articles they read 2-3 years ago. However, if they haven’t been optimizing web sites themselves over the past year, they would not be aware of the profound changes in the industry due to social media outlets.

So, the next time a “friend” or colleague gives you marketing or financial advice, evaluate their lifestyle and business success. Do they truly know and live what they are telling you or is it just a theory based on their own opinion?

MTECH has followed new marketing trends, but holds back on giving a lot of advice until we successfully implement the new marketing strategies and see in real world examples how they fit into the overall picture. For example, you may recognize you need a blog, but if you do not understand how fresh content and engaging with other social media channels affects your blog success, then you will not get the same results that others are experiencing.

Here is a great article from Colorado Biz magazine that speaks to the same issue: