As WordPress continues to be the primary CMS tool for small business owner websites, one issue that comes up is how to backup your WordPress site effectively. Any one that has a site sees the occasional “WordPress 3.6 is available! Please update now.” as well as plugin updates on a regular basis.


These core WordPress updates and plugin updates are important to do since they enhance the overall security of your website/blog as well as come with different feature upgrades on your site. Furthermore, many plugins need to be updated in order to function efficiently. However, before you start upgrading, you should first backup your WordPress database and files first. Just like any computer system, when you upgrade you run the risk of theme, plugin and core WordPress conflicts. Therefore, you should back up first so you could restore your site if a problem arises.

There are three ways to back up your WordPress site:

1. Back up the MYSQL database and files through your hosting account. If you have a CPanel through your host, you can login to the Control Panel and run a backup through it. This should be done on a monthly basis. After backing everything up, then you can upgrade your plugins and core WordPress version. Then, check out your site and make sure everything is working properly.

2. Install a backup plugin. There are several plugins out there. The best plugins usually are paid. Make sure you select a plugin that allows you to backup images and files along with your database and posts.

3. Hire a company to provide back up service for you. For example, MTECH provide a monthly or quarterly back up service for $30 per backup. We back up the site, upgrade all plugins and core WordPress system, test for any issues and then work towards resolving any conflicts if they arise. This allows customers to have their site backed up and secure without worry.

If you would like more details on our backup system, please contact us at or call 970-903-3605..