Recently I have encountered several new clients who did not realize the company domain was in the name of the web firm, not the company.  When initially setting up a domain, this makes sense since most web professionals don’t want to bother the client with all the Emails flying back and forth. However, once the web site is set up, it is important that the domain administrative contact be the owner of the company – not the web person.

The administrative contact and registrant is the legal owner of the domain. In addition, the Email address on record is the one that will receive all renewal notices. When your domain is coming up for renewal, the domain company will send a reminder Email. If it is going to a web consultant that you are no longer working with, then they may not chose to renew your domain. I have had clients lose their domains and have to start over due to this process.

Furthermore, if you decide to use a different hosting company, domain registrant, or web consultant, you need to have access to your domain in order to change the nameservers and transfer the domain.

You have spent a lot of time and money in establishing search engine presence and traffic to your web site. Protect this investment by making sure you have your domain in your name, your own Email address as the one on record, and your own FTP hosting information.

To find out what name your domain has been registered to, go to Network Solutions Who Is Search and type in your domain name.

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