social media tools for small business owners

When speaking to a number of small business owners across the State of Colorado, I often get asked which social media tool is the most effective. The answer is…that depends. It depends on the type of business and also when you ask the question. What is working today may not be the most effective tool tomorrow. Ever heard of “MySpace”? This also explains the importance of building a strong web presence with your website and not just relying on social media.

Case in Point: Facebook Desktop Time dipped last month and some youth are starting to spend more time on Instagram and other mobile apps. If this trend continues and you only have a Facebook page, you might be missing awareness and traffic.

Business-to-Business: If you are in the B-to-B marketplace, then Linked-In is usually the most effective. However, in small rural towns, such as Durango and Pagosa Springs, Facebook may still be more active. Why? Because the line between business colleagues and friends is less defined. So, if you have a demographic of women between the ages of 35-55 in a small Colorado town, then Facebook might be more effective than Linked-In. However, if you are in a large metro area, then Twitter may be the best bet.

Business-to-Consumer: If you are a business to consumer company that deals in services and “experiences”, such as a florist or photographer, then Pintrest might be best.

The real answer behind which social media tool is best lies in tracking. Which social media tool brought you the most traffic to your website last month? Which tools were used by potential and current clients to contact you? How many new leads and “followers” did you get from each tool? To track effectiveness, you also should be on more than one social media channel.