Many small business owners are  busy running the business and don’t always have time to check how their website or Internet marketing activities are working. With social media posts, search engine marketing, websites to maintain, and Emails to answer, marketing can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, these tools may be “less expensive” but they are time intensive. It is a realty of marketing today and not something expected to slow down any time soon.

So, how do you keep up? You have to schedule time for marketing and to track its effectiveness.

website analytics and trackingOne of the first things is to make sure your website has Google analytics installed. This free tool from Google is installed on every page of your website and gives you valuable information on how much traffic, how long people stay on site, what pages are most popular, where your visitors came from, and how they found you. It breaks down the keyword phrases as well as tells you if you are getting traffic from those organizations and links you paid for.

You can get a weekly or monthly report sent to you automatically, but I wouldn’t just stop at the small basics they send. I would schedule time each month to go through the numbers, compare them to last month as well as compare them to the previous year. See how new social media activity is impacting your overall traffic. Gauge the time spent and see if it is worth it.

MTECH also provides a monthly or quarterly web report for its clients that summarizes this data, analyzes their current search engine ranking, and gives some suggestions. This allows the company to keep track of their marketing without having to remember to do it and analyze it themselves. If you are interested in this service, please call 731-6325.