Shoeshoeing with my husband/partner and daughter in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Shoeshoeing with my husband/partner and daughter in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Photo by Norm Vance of

Being a web designer for the past 14 years has taught me a lot about flexibility…technology continues to evolve and when it does, your web strategy needs to transform as well. Over the past 6 months, I have been teaching my clients that their web sites need to have a greater purpose than being an online brochure. In addition, the owners also need to continually re-focus and stay grounded in what is working and what needs tweaking.

As the world of social media, SEO and lead generation continue to merge with Web 2.0, it is essential that a company’s websites start becoming more interactive and customer-response focused. So, how do you do that? Here are a few starting tips:

1. Embrace the world of blogging and add a blog into your existing hosting account. In order for your new blog traffic to help the SEO of your existing website, make sure the blog is installed on your hosting account and that you link back and forth from your website to your blog. This will require you to have a separate blog strategy and outline. For example, your blog could highlight the “personality” of your company, your vision and your employees. Engage the staff and find out why they love your company…use customer testimonials in your blog and start a dialog with other customers, etc…

2. Make sure all of your advertising activities tie into specific landing pages on your site with calls to action. Don’t just measure web visitors…measure the conversion rates of each advertising vehicle as well. What may have worked in early 2009 may not work now…

3. Track everything! Are you monitoring your web traffic, most popular pages, keywords, and geographic information on your visitors on a monthly basis?

4. Make sure your website and blog both have links to your Twitter and Facebook pages as well as any other company social media pages, such as YouTube or Flickr.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?  I know I do…that is why I also take time to get outdoors, look at our incredible San Juan Mountains, breathe in deep and make sure I remember my top priorities. Sometimes I realize that I really need to hire someone to do something that is taking too much of my time away from my strengths and other times I realize that a certain advertising channel is not very productive.

In 2010, MTECH is here to help you uplevel your existing web sites or just provide guidance!