Before diving into creating posts on Facebook, articles on Linked-In or tweets on Twitter…take a quick pause…There are some basic foundations that you should set in place to maximize your effectiveness. First of all, you need to understand the relationship between social media, search marketing, Email marketing, and your website. Each activity affects the other, so you should be thinking of social media as part of an integrated Internet marketing strategy. To that end, here are a few things to ask yourself:

1. Do you currently have web tracking in place (i.e. Google analytics) so you can see how much web traffic your social media posts are giving your site?

2. Do you have a blog installed on your website? Websites that have blogs and that link to blog articles from their various social media channels bring in a much higher percentage of website visitors and/or leads.

3. Do you have a targeted landing page strategy to effectively compare different marketing campaigns and channels and increase the number of leads?

4. Do you have a customer relationship manager (CRM) tool in place so you know how to follow up on leads and conversations you get from your various social media channels?

5. Is your website/blog optimized for search engines? Search is still a major source of business for most small business owners.

6. Do you know what keywords your audience might be searching for to find your product/service? Not only is this important for your website/blog to be optimized, but you should also have these keywords on your social media profiles.

7. Do you have a lead nurturing strategy in place so you can maximize on any social media activity?

8. Are you coordinating your website, blog and social media leads into an Email marketing campaign?

9. Have you identified key staff and personas who will “own” consistent blog and social media posts?

10. Are you evaluating your social media and web stats on a monthly basis to see where you are winning and where you need to increase/decrease activity?

11. Have you identified your clear brand message and unique positioning so you have a content strategy moving forward and consistent messaging across all your posts?

12. Have you determined your social media goals so you can measure your effectiveness?

13. How much time will you or your staff dedicated to social media posting, connecting, and viewing each week?

These are just a few of the basics to consider whether you have already started working in social media or are considering getting started. Social media is a media channel…not a marketing strategy. Even though it is “free”, your time is not. So, you want to make sure your time investment gives you the best ROI possible.

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