Some of the most effective small businesses that are thriving today jumped on the social media and blogging bandwagon. By creating quality content, increasing the pages to their website, producing videos and articles that educate and inform people in their niche market, these companies have grown and have greater marketing activity.

Once such company, Growing Spaces, has grown to more than 7000 Facebook fans in the past 2 years. In addition, their sales increased by more than 60% last year.

An article from Hubspot also highlights the advantages as well as case studies:

Do you consider your business to be “niche?” If so, inbound marketing was made for you! Think about it: if you’re in a niche industry, any large-scale outbound marketing initiatives (TV ads, billboards, newspaper ads) will reach an audience that is 99% irrelevant to your business. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, lets you attract the most qualified prospects to your business, wherever they are. In fact, some of the most dramatic successes we’ve seen with inbound marketing come from businesses in niche industries. It’s true! Here are six points that will make you believe that you and inbound marketing were meant to be together.Read more: