small business time managementAs a small business owner, finding time to cover everything can be one of the most challenging issues you face. Many times you feel like a hamster running in circles. With limited staff, business owners are left to do a wide range of tasks from paying bills to social media marketing. So, finding ways to prioritize your tasks and tools to help save time is important.


Here are a few of my top tips/tools for better efficiency:

1. Reminders on my Smartphone– Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can install a Reminders APP to sync with your computer task list. While drinking coffee in the morning, I check my reminders and start prioritizing what has to get done each day. I also spend Monday morning allocating certain tasks to specific days of the week. Learn how many tasks you can do in a day while saving time for unexpected interruptions and projects. I also give myself a few days leeway in case I have to bump a task off to the next day. This is also helpful while traveling so you can keep an eye on what is due when you get back into the office.

2. Hootsuite – is a tool that lets you post the same social media message across Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In at the same time. You can post on the spot or you can schedule posts in advance. It helps to only open one tool instead of three when trying to post something.

3. Project Status Sheet – Reminders are good, but I also need to keep an eye on the projects and their status as well as possible jobs. I keep a digital and printed copy of my projects in house and make sure to review them weekly.

4. Respond to Emails/Texts/Phone Calls the Same Day – The old adage “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today” is still applicable today. If you push off returning phone calls or Emails a few days, it is amazing how quickly they can pile up and one can be forgotten. No only is it good customer service, it also helps reduce stress to take care of things in an efficient manner.

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