In this global economy, small business owners must compete against other local businesses, Internet businesses and global companies for products and services. So, how do you stand out? Here are a few things to check in your business:

1. Simplify your website with compelling offers – Many small business owners have outdated websites with old information or information that is cobbled together in different spots. Figure out your brand and message and make sure it is clear throughout the site. Furthermore, utilize compelling offers for whitepapers, videos and other items to gather leads and engage your clients.

2. Invest in customer loyalty  – Offer local discounts or extras without having them ask for it. Don’t just offer new deals for “new customers” only. Remember, it takes more effort to get a new customer than keep an existing one.

3. Be their customer service partner – Be proactive in helping your customers solve their problems and/or needs. If you see issues with one customer and create a solution, then perhaps other customers could also use that advice or help. Don’t just be the “expert” but instead help empower your clients to succeed.

4. Be responsible – Make sure you and your employees own problems and work to find solutions. Be persistent and passionate about caring for your customers. Also, whenever possible, the person who speaks to a customer first should “own” that customer instead of passing them from person to person. If your clients have to call you back repeatedly to solve a problem, then you are not serious about customer service.

5. Fix the big issues bothering your customers – Many owners ask their customers “How can we improve?” But how many really listen and act on what they hear?

With new technology and business moving at a rapid pace, many people are looking for those small businesses that can come along side them and help. Where is your focus? Is it on helping those around you or just getting a new client? Is it on holding onto your knowledge so that customers HAVE to come to you or is it an attitude of sharing your knowledge to help them?

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