2015At the start of a new year, it is always effective to go back through your last year reports and determine which marketing channels have been driving sales to your business. Unfortunately, many small business owners still do not have tracking mechanisms in place in order to efficiently budget for 2015.

Many small business owners think that “being busy” in marketing equates to sales. But often times, your busyness may just be wearing you down and not focusing your energy in the areas where it really counts. Here are three main areas that you may want to evaluate your time/money:

1. Spending Time on Social Media Channels that Are not Working.

Are you effectively reaching your clients and potential clients by posting on a regular basis on one or two main social media channels or are you just putting up the minimum on multiple channels thinking that “more is better”? Engagement is much more important than quantity of posts. So, make the most of your time in social media. Focus on the channels where your own clients respond and hang out. Stop worrying about posting on other channels if you haven’t gotten any responses.

2. Spending Money on Print or Digital that Doesn’t Bring You Traffic and/or Sales

If you are utilizing targeted landing pages and tracking both traffic and conversions, then you have a great idea on which print and digital marketing avenues are bringing you sales. However, many people just choose to be “seen” in a digital or print publication and never even check on if it is bringing them business. Make sure you  are tracking the ROI on visitors, leads and sales to make the wisest decisions on marketing budgets.

3. Creating Content But Not Spending Time Promoting It

Writing blog posts and having a lot of keyword rich content is great, but if no one ever sees it, was it worth the time? You not only want to blog, but you also want to promote it with targeted Email lists, social media and even public relations so it gets found and promoted. Do you know some key influencers in your industry that you are connecting with that can further promote your articles, whitepapers and videos?

Marketing does require time, but make sure it is time well spent. Spinning plates and doing activity is not nearly as impactful as targeted marketing with tracking in place.