On just about every web project we do, we hear about the importance of ranking high in search engines. We agree that this is an important step in overall search marketing. However, depending on how competitive each search phrase is, you may or may not rank high for those phrases. Yes, making sure the site has proper title, page name, h1, image alt, and description tags are important. But that only is about 25% of the ranking “score”. Google looks at more than 500 factors. Basically, Google wants to make sure your site is both relevant and the “authority” on those keyword phrases. If you want to rank high for a competitive phrase that has thousands of sites that have optimized their website, how does your site stand out?

One of the biggest factors is inbound links or links from other quality websites. But how do you go about acquiring quality links from other sites? There is no quick fix. Some are paid for. Some are based on relationships with other quality websites and others have to do with producing quality content that people want to link to. It is not easy, however, for small business owners.

Here is a link on an article that explains some of the difficulty: http://searchengineland.com/link-building-means-earning-hard-links-not-easy-links-123767 (Note the article just got a link…)