socialmediaphotoAs an instructor for Marketing for Smarties, I often teach business owners the importance of discovering their unique benefit position. When writing copy for a website, brochure or advertisement, most business owners focus on explaining the features of their product or service. However, they do not understand that people buy on the emotional benefits that your product or service with bring to their lives. Many people try to inform/instruct instead of inspire their potential audience.

If your copy, photos and website does not evoke any emotional response or connectivity, you will have a hard time keeping them on your website or wanting to call you for an appointment.

A recent article from Hubspot also spoke on how to evoke emotion on your landing pages. If you don’t currently use landing pages as part of your overall marketing strategy, then contact us at and find out how that can really take your marketing to a new level of results.

Published in Hubspot Blog:

Emotion is a major force in online sales. As much as we tend to disparage “emotion” in purchasing decisions, the fact is everyone thinks and makes choices based on emotion.

We can’t prevent this. Emotional decision-making is hardwired into our brain’s functionality. In fact, without guidance from our emotions, decision-making would be nearly impossible.

Not only is it appropriate to use emotion in your landing page, but it’s essential for the decision-making process. That being said, you don’t want to go overboard. In this post, I want to show you is how you can use emotion in the most effective way in your landing pages.

Know your audience’s emotional needs.

The first step to using emotion in a landing page is discovering the emotions that will make a difference in your audience’s actions (assuming that you already know who your customers are). Every purchase and conversion is a driven by the customer’s emotional need.

  • If you are selling arthritis relief cream, your customer’s emotional needs are for relief.
  • If you are providing consulting services for office organization, then your customer’s emotional needs are for control or stress relief.
  • If you design outdoor living spaces, then your customers want relaxation or enjoyment or respect from their neighbors.

There are a basic set of human needs and desires. All you need to do is identify which of these emotional needs your customers have. Then, you use the techniques described below to tap into those emotional needs on your landing pages.

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