Many web clients have realized the power behind a WordPress website and have switched over to this powerful content management system. While it offers owners greater flexibility, it also requires more maintenance. WordPress and its plugins have a variety of upgrades on a regular basis. WordPress upgrades increase the security and functionality of your site. In addition, many plugin updates are needed to keep them running effectively. Before upgrading your system or plugins, you should always back up your database and site files. Some plugin or WordPress upgrades may not be compatible with your hosting server, theme or with each other, so it is imperative to do regular back-ups before updating.

To help clients keep their sites running effectively, MTECH is now offering A NEW MAINTENANCE PACKAGE for our customers that have WordPress websites. The maintenance includes plugin updates, wordpress updates, and backing up all files and databases. We will ensure your site is up to date and backed up once per month. For this service we are charging $65 per month, regardless how big your WordPress site is. We are also currently offering a discount if you purchase our backup service for a year. A one-year package is discounted to $700/year, or 1 month free. 

If you are interested in signing up for our new maintenance package, feel free contact us at or 970-731-6325.