I have recently had a number of conversations with small business owners on the changing dynamics of the Internet, SEO, PR and Marketing. One owner just expressed frustration that many “consultants” he had spoken with and paid seemed to have fallen behind. Instead of continuing to inform clients of new marketing trends, these firms just continue to collect annual funds and market the same as they did 3 years ago. MTECH Business Development has continually worked on keeping up with trends and proactively helped its clients understand and apply these trends for a better ROI.

Enjoy a recent article from HubSpot on the same issue:


The marketing services industry is broken.

There are of thousands of marketing firms trying to position their firm as unique and better, but the results they produce for clients are rarely better or unique.

Companies are lost trying to figure out whether to start with a Web designer, SEO company, PR firm or branding expert. These different flavors of firms are competing for the same shrinking budget dollars, instead of cooperating to ensure client success.

During a time when the Internet and software have made it easier and easier for marketing to impact sales and revenue growth, agencies are failing to predict and deliver a measurable ROI.

Even now as the traditional ways of marketing and advertising are dying a rapid death, marketing and ad agencies are still trying to adapt the old methods, terminology and approaches to a much more promising and more natural inbound marketing world; a world where buyers naturally find sellers and sellers simply make it easier for buyers to find them and buy from them.

It’s time for a rebirth of this industry. There will be firms that lead us in this renaissance. There will be agencies who lead us in this revolution. We believe that these will be the truths they hold self-evident:

1. Digital natives are empowered. An agency can learn the “digital world,” but chances are they’ve just adapted their old offerings to the web. If your agency hasn’t hired smart, young people and paired them with open minded senior “people” people, you’re not going to really transform your agency as fast as the market is.

2. New approaches are practiced before preached.  If your agency suffers from the cobbler’s children’s shoes scenario (where your website hasn’t been updated in 3 years, you don’t have an active blog and your Twitter account has 3 updates), drop everything.

3. Continuous learning and experimentation is required.

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