Many of MTECH’s clients are loving the ability to edit their own website, create blog articles and edit their own slideshows. With easy to learn content management systems, such as WordPress, small business owners have more control over their own websites and Internet marketing endeavors. However, when training owners on how to maintain their own site, one common stumbling block keeps popping up – photo editing software.

Many people do not have or know how to use image editing software. Why is this important? Well the web only shows photos at 72dpi. Many digital cameras shoot at a higher resolution so people can print out their photos. Print is at 300dpi to 600dpi. If you load in a large photo, that can bog down page load and cause your site to come up very slowly online.

In addition, many layouts require photos in a specific size or they will mess up the layout or cut off the photo. This requires the need to crop a photo to a specific dimension and size. In the web world, photos are measured primarily by pixels. A typical photo size for a web page is 300px by 200px. This is also true for slideshows. All photos in a slideshow must be the same dimension. Otherwise, the photo gets stretched or squished to fit the space. This does not look very professional.

So, what tools are available? Here are a few:

1. Photoshop Elements – Unlike its more expensive counterpart, this version of Photoshop only runs about $120. It allows you to do everything you would ever need for a web page or photo gallery at home plus a few extra things. Most graphic designers and web designers use the fully-leaded version of Photoshop, so they can also teach you how to navigate the system.

2. Microsoft Office Picture Manager – If you have installed Office, then this tool came with it. It allows you to crop, resize and compress photos. Make sure you crop the photo first to the right dimensions and then compress. You can’t make a photo larger without loosing picture quality.

3. Photoscape – Free online editing software. I am not personally familiar with this tool, but others have given fair reviews. Since it is free, you could always download it and see how it works.

If you are using a MAC, then you probably have decent photo editing software built in. Having switched to PC years ago, I am not familiar with all of the functionality of Apple computers, but they are usually great when it comes to graphics.

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