linked-in follow buttonLinked-In now is making it easy for people to follow your company by providing a “Follow” button. Similar to the Facebook like button and Twitter “tweet” button, Linked-In provides code for you to paste into your website or blog so people just need to hit the button and then follow your company.

To see how it works, just click on the following button for MTECH Internet Marketing:

How does the Follow Company button work?
Click on the Follow Company button and, as long as you are logged onto LinkedIn, you will automatically “follow” the company. If you are not logged on, a box will appear asking for your LinkedIn credentials. Just type those in and you will automatically begin to follow the company. Companies will engage with you from their Company Page on LinkedIn and through status updates. Status updates will appear on your LinkedIn homepage – so check back frequently to see what’s going on.

LinkedIn has over 2 million companies in its network – representing all industries, company sizes, and geographies. It is especially important for B-to-B companies in terms of networking and making professional contacts.

To put a follow button on your own company website, just CLICK HERE!