The final part of the 3-part series on maintaining your own WordPress website involves on-going tracking of your site statistics. Just having a website is not enough today. Marketing and increasing market share is about tracking what is working, tweaking, and updating your website and marketing efforts.

googleanalytics1-300x145The first step in tracking is making sure you have Google analytics installed on your website. It is free and easy to install into your WordPress theme or by installing a Google analytics plugin. This will show you your most popular content, how long the average person stays on a page and on the site, where the person came from, what devices they used, and how they found you.

On a monthly basis, you should be reviewing your site traffic, how people found you, and comparing it to the previous month to see what is working and what is not. MTECH also provides a web report that captures this information for its clients. Google analytics also tells you what keywords a person used to find your site – although with the advent of “not provided” and Google’s security claims, this information is not as valuable as it was before.

galleslandingpageTo get even greater tracking, you can combine custom landing pages and call to actions for specific advertising channels to compare how many leads each channel is providing. You should also consider Google Adwords (PPC) to get a better handle on the most effective keyword phrases for your site.

Finally, looking at Google analytics can tell you which blog posts are the most popular. If you also share your blog posts on social media, you can look at the most popular Facebook or Twitter posts to get a better idea. Then, create content around the topics that are the most popular.

Marketing today is about providing quality content and information to your clients and potential clients. A WordPress website and blog plays a central role in the success of your marketing, but you also need to track what is working.