Many clients want to be “on page 1” of Google for their websites. However, search engine optimization and ranking (SEO) is a moving target. It can’t just be done “once” and then you will maintain top ranking. Things such as meta tags (title, description, keyword tags), h1/h2, domain age, domain name, content and inbound links all play into the equation. You need to be monitoring your ranking, inbound traffic, content and keywords on a regular basis and making adjustments. It also helps to create new content at least monthly through new web pages or a blog.

According to the following video, Google made more than 500 modifications to their search algorithm in 2010 alone. Check out the video from Google:


So, what does this mean for small business owners? It is important to have a search engine strategy and evaluate it on a regular basis. MTECH has both empowered business owners as well as set up monthly tracking reports to help small business owners keep track of their ranking. Contact us today to find out how we can help.