Feeling bad about your search engine optimization ranking? Don’t worry…Google just released a SEO report card on their own site and it shows they have a lot of areas to improve.

View the Report Here

This extensive report shows all the things you need to consider when doing SEO on a website.

Recently, I just got a new client who has been paying thousands every year on SEO from a “large firm”. What amazed me was that this large firm didn’t even do the small basics, such as having unique title tags and description tags on every page nor did they have any “alt” image tags, yet they were charging them every year.

If your web site firm or SEO firm is not spending time explaining what they are doing and equipping you along the way, then you may need to take a second look. Also, make sure your web firm and/or Internet marketing firm gives you a Google analytics login so that you can check results yourself. So many times firms keep charging you without providing continual value.

I have clients that I have equipped along the way so they no longer need my monthly services. It doesn’t bother me since I can proudly say that their web sites continue to give them business long after I am done. They feel great about the “value” I provided and in turn, recommend me to other clients.They also use me still upon occasion when they truly need my expertise.

If marketing firms want to continue to survive over the next decade, they need to learn the importance of empowerment. Otherwise, their reputations will suffer and they will go by the wayside. Marketing firms need to explain how all of these new social media and Internet tools will help companies bottom line as well as listen to the needs of the company or business. If a firm has an owner or staff member who can tweet, blog and post, it is better for them to do it in-house.