Google just announced a couple of recent changes. First, they have enhanced the security of your personalized results. View article from Google. This emphasizes the move of Google towards displaying personalized results for search engine purposes.

In addition, Google Analytics is also releasing a new set of search engine optimization tools that you can view through your Google analytics account. They are now merging Google Webmaster Tools through Google Analytics. The reports are found in the new interface, under the “Traffic Sources” section. Setup requires a Google Webmaster account. After you connect your accounts, the data sharing is almost instant.

A lot of MTECH clients already have a Google webmaster Tools account since it is part of the search engine optimization service built into every new web project. However, having it in one central place makes it handy.

The webmaster tools allow you to view query reports which list the top 1000 queries along with number of impressions, clicks, average position and click-through rate (CTR). In addition, the tools also provide a landing pages report which details how many times your top landing pages were shown in search results, again along with average position and CTR.

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Finally, the new tools also show geographical summary which outlines the CTR per country as well as the CTR per device (mobile, web, video, etc…).

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