Most small business owners should understand that search engine ranking is an ever-evolving science. Why? Because Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm.  In fact, Google has made four main updates in the past two weeks. The rundown so far:

  • Panda Update 20: Sept. 27, 2012
  • EMD Update 1: Sept. 28, 2012
  • Penguin Update 3: Oct. 5, 2012
  • Top Heavy 2: Oct. 9, 2012

The most recent change seems to penalize those sites that have lots of ads and photos on the top half and then copy down below the “fold”. This means that you should have quality content and keywords on the top half of your page without having to scroll down and see them.

As a reminder, you should never have a SEO strategy based on the most recent Google update. Google, in fact, makes updates to its search on a daily basis. Here is a video from Google explaining some of the science behind the search:

What is the takeaway? Create a website and blog strategy that contains lots of good content your clients want to know and make sure you use proper meta tags, title tags and keyword phrases for each page. Focus on one keyword phrase per page or blog article. Don’t just have “beautiful” pages full of images without any text as well. Make sure your blog is part of your website and easy to navigate back/forth.