Many small business owners struggle with creating blog content. Here are a few blog article ideas that may build business credibility as well as generate more referrals and leads:

1.       Post Testimonials and Endorsements – Just as you should encourage customers to write reviews for other sites, you should also capture positive customer experiences and put them on your own site. You can also use a flip cam or some other type of camcorder and record a quick video with a customer about how much they like your new product. This video could then be posted on your website or blog for potential customers to watch.

2.       Demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise – To be credible, it is critical that you demonstrate expertise for your craft. This type of expertise could be writing a blog article about an important industry issue or winning industry awards for the quality of your work. Ask some of your past customers why they hired you and use their reasons as subjects of content or awards to bolster the profile and credibility of your business

3. Reward Referrals – Small business owners have long leveraged referrals and word-of-mouth marketing – it is now time to leverage these avenues online. Today a referral can mean many things – it could be a person they know that is in need of your product or services, but it could also be as simple as a customer sharing their positive experience with you business on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You should encourage this either verbally or with a follow-up email after their work is completed, asking them to share their experience with your online networks.

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