When speaking to a client who owns Applied Strategy in Boulder, he mentioned that I was his “digital shepherd”. I thought that was a great term and one that I asked if I could steal. He agreed and it got me to realize how much time we at MTECH Internet Marketing spend helping people navigate through the maze of technology. Yes, we also design websites, handle search engine optimization and develop marketing plans for clients, but a lot of time is spent teaching and training.

do you need a digital shepherd?How many of you need a digital shepherd? Here are a few questions to see if you need one:

1. Does the thought of posting on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis make you cringe?

2. Do you need help understanding the difference/purpose of a blog and website?

3. Do you think that social media is just rambling about what people ate for breakfast with no real value?

4. Are you lost understanding what a CMS, CRM and Call to Action really is?

5. Do you struggle with connecting your website, Email marketing and social media together?

6. Do the terms title tags, description tags and keyword phrases make your head hurt?

7. Are you tempted to have your teenage son/daughter manage your social media because you just don’t understand it?

8. Does the thought of keeping your website fresh sound overwhelming?

9. Do you feel like you need a translator when speaking to your web designer?

10. Would you like to have more control over your Internet marketing activities and not just hope your web person knows what they are doing?


If you said YES to any of the above questions, then you may need a digital shepherd. Let us help you traverse the digital divide. We at MTECH Internet Marketing not only create marketing projects, but we also equip people along the way. We understand the strain of keeping up with today’s marketing tactics and spend time explaining why they are important and how to use the tools. We don’t demand monthly contracts, but can work on an “as needed” basis and bill hourly or per estimate.

Simply stay tuned to our blog for other helpful articles that can make sense of this ever-changing technological jungle. Or contact us at 970-731-6325 if you have a question. You can also post on our Facebook page, send a message through Linked-In, or post a comment on our blog, but picking up the phone may be a lot easier if you need a digital shepherd!