Videos FolderAs you are looking at new online marketing strategies this year, is video part of the equation?

A recent survey of media buying agencies, conducted by Strata, found that 45% of those polled are more interested in digital/online video than they were a year ago, while streaming/online radio saw a 53% increase. Overall, 67% of agencies said that their clients’ primary focus for campaigns is video advertising (including traditional TV, cable, and network, as well as digital video).

Client Interest in Advertising on Streaming/Online Video

  • More than last year (45%)
  • Same as last year (49%)
  • Less than last year (6%)

72% of agencies said their clients are interested in advertising on YouTube, up 5% from last year. HULU followed at 36%, a 32% jump from 3Q13. Despite the strong growth for digital video, agencies still question the value of online video ads. 47% said they are fairly confident they are getting a good value for their money in recent digital video ad purchases, while 40% say they are unsure, says the report.

Other key findings:

• 89% plan on using Facebook in client campaigns, which is the third highest number in the STRATA Agency Survey since 2008. YouTube (53%), Twitter (50%), LinkedIn (36%) and Pinterest (32%) followed.

• Pinterest had the largest year-to-year growth, jumping up 31% over 2Q13.

• 51% project the second half of 2014 to be better than the first half, up 19% from the second quarter of 2013

• 31% are less interested in Out of Home advertising than a year ago, the largest percentage since 2008.

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