By Marcy Mitchell, Owner of MTECH

Our company is located just 30 minutes from Wolf Creek Ski area, which is known for having the “most snow in Colorado”. However, the recent storm over the weekend gave a new meaning to “deep powder skiing”. I have never skiied in knee deep powder before. What an experience! As my thighs burned and my face planted in the snow multiple times, I felt like a brand new skier. Getting up out of that deep snow provided another challenge. Thanks to my children, I got back on my feet!

This “new way of skiing” requires different skills and techniques that I am not as familiar. To truly learn how to slice through the powder successfully, it also requires new equipment. This experience made me realize how many business owners feel regarding the rapid-fire changes in marketing.

Traditional marketing relies on direct mail, print advertising, trade shows, Email marketing and other “interruption-style” techniques. It is no secret that these types of marketing are becoming less effective and an increasing amount of businesses are shifting to attraction media channels, such as social media, Internet marketing and SEO. This trend is not just about changing media channels…it is also about a “change in thinking”. Marketers have to think more like publishers and socializers and less like advertisers. Therefore, effective content, tracking and time management of staff becomes critical. Businesses may spend less money on these new tools, but they also have to be aware of the time spent and how that affects their budget.

MTECH specializes in helping small business owners traverse the digital divide and take advantage of these new trends. If you would like to discuss how we can help your company, please contact us at 970-731-6325.