About six weeks ago, I broke my leg while enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon hike with my husband. Despite the 2-mile “hop” and “carry” to get back to the car, I managed to have surgery and am now recouperating.

I admit that I have not been as diligent in writing posts during this time. However, that is mainly due to the extra hours now spent working and learning instead of “getting outdoors” and “driving the kids” everywhere. The beauty (and sometimes the curse) of this new digital revolution is the amount of things that can be done over the Internet. Despite my lack of mobility, I have actually increased business while being hurt. Research, work projects, education, and connecting is becoming easier every day with the advent of social media and the Internet. So, my slower “errand” schedule allows me more time to be on the computer.

I appreciate the flexibility that our new digital age gives us entrepreneurs nowadays. Not only can I work on projects across the county while living in a small mountain town, but I can keep up with new marketing trends and technology.

However, I have also realized that too much time spent in front of a computer can dull your creativity and personal growth. One of the most amazing parts of living in Colorado is spending time connecting with the outdoors . Whether that is hiking, skiing, camping, or climbing, our incredible wilderness can energize your soul and remind you why you are working so hard in the first place. Even better, spending time connecting in person with other inspirational people also fills you up and reminds you of your purpose.

I am grateful to have wonderful children and a husband who are here to challenge me and make me laugh during this time. I also appreciate the simpliest things like walking to the mailbox (which is a bit farther than down the driveway in Pagosa Springs) or watching the snow fall in the woods.

I hope all of you who are currently walking without crutches can appreciate both the wonderful blessing of technology at your fingertips and also the beauty of the outdoors and “stillness” around you. I hope to remind this as I start to learn to “walk” again soon.