tightropeBusiness today can be a tricky balancing act. Trying to keep up without falling can be exhausing. During these times, the human tendency is to pull back, conserve and start thinking smaller. The problem is that thinking may not only prevent a business from pulling out of the downturn, it will also position it weaker to take advantage of the recovery period.

Most small business owners forget the most basic truth – your business is more reliant on internal factors (an owner’s attitude, perspective and willingness to learn) than external factors, such as the marketplace. Your mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is OPEN.

The recession has given entrepreneurs a great opportunity to evaluate their strengths, learn new skills, and let go of practices that are not conducive to growth. All businesses experience peaks and valleys in their business because you cannot control external factors. However, you can definitely influence the time spent in a valley and how long it will take to get your company up to peak performance. Here are a few things to evaluate:

  1. 1. Sense of optimism – Rate yourself on your current expectation for growth. If you don’t expect the best from yourself, you won’t expect the best from clients and it will reflect on your sales.
  2. Positive Approach to Challenges – People are like tea bags – you see what they are like when you put them in hot water. Every problem has a lesson inside. You will only grow when you figure out the lesson and SOLVE it.
  3. Law of Association – Our circumstances are primarily a result of our thinking. Our thinking is directly affected by those we hang around and the books, websites, newspapers and Emails we read and classes we attend. Check your circle of influence. Is it surrounded by people who look for solutions or spend most of their energy blaming others or whining about the problem?
  4. Law of Attraction – This is closely related to the law of association. You attract what you are. So, if you want high integrity, hard working clients that value timely payments, quick response times and positive spirits, make sure you project those same values. If you are focused on growth, you will attract mentors and clients who will work with you to solve problems and grow. If you focus on lost revenues and blame, you will attract those people who are constantly struggling and won’t have as many resources to provide.
  5. Self Discipline – It is the deliberate choice for delayed gratification. Your ability to set goals, search for knowledge, and work consistently to keep those goals directly affects your self-image and results. Success is more the result of daily deliberate actions than any one big splash or sale.

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Marcy Mitchell orginally posted this article on the AEDAED.org blog in September, 2009.