48% of all purchases studied were heavily influenced by digital media and advertising according to a recent study by GroupM Next, with Compete. According to the report ““The purchase funnel is dead!” It’s a digital declaration made for the past few years to make known that a brand cannot simply expect a would-be consumer to move seamlessly from awareness to consideration to purchase. This seemingly accurate statement is based on the new reality that decisions of what to buy and where to buy it are happening at scale online, using social and mobile tools that did not even exist 10 years ago.”

Six types of modern digital shoppers were identified in the study. Each of the six segments represents like-minded consumers who follow a given path of varying depth and duration to reach a marketer’s optimal outcome—a sale. The difference in purchase pathways has more to do with behavioral factors than demographics. Average purchase price is also very similar among segments, suggesting that the type of product is not a differentiator. No segment has a majority of the market; the most prominent segment makes up 29% of all purchase paths.