Your Digital Shepherd (formerly MTECH Internet Marketing)

Marketing is profoundly changing….at a historical pace. Most small and medium sized business owners are struggling to keep up. To that end, Your Digital Shepherd is not just about developing websites. It is primarily about providing targeted solutions that uniquely fit each company. It is about guiding owners through the digital world so they can discover the right web tools for their own business …while equipping them throughout the process.

The Ownership Advantage

An owner takes responsibility for the success of a client to the next level. At Digital Shepherd, there are no account reps…just owners who understand the total picture and how each piece fits together. We can safely guide you through the web and marketing process to find the best possible combination of technological tools that uniquely fit your situation, budget, staff and work flow. As a result, you get educated answers up front. No surprises…just results.

Take Control of Your Website. We will Design a Professional Site, but then Train You Along the Way.

In this competitive business climate, we understand that small businesses can’t always hire all of their digital marketing to outside agencies. So we provide a custom website but then train each business how to maintain the site themselves. We  believe in empowering and educating our clients so they can stand on their own and continue to succeed long after the project is complete.

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Website Design

We provide custom websites that match your brand. Then we help you make the most of your site.

Website Security

Update & Security

Our monthly programs help keep your site secure and keep your business running smoothly.

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Local support that can answer questions and resolve problems.

Here are a couple of web projects we created: